Shark Resources

We have compiled a list of useful organisations, charities, websites and companies relating to Sharks. The resources here are listed out of merit and only when we find them to be useful and beneficial. If you believe a resource should be listed here, please contact us.

Shark Shops

Shark Shop (UK)

Shark Shop (USA)

Shark Shop (Canada)

Shark Charities

Shark Trust - UK registered marine charity dedicated to promoting the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates, rays (elasmobranchs) and chimaera.

Shark Websites

Swim At Your Own Risk - Excellent blog with all the up to date news on all things Shark.

Scuba Diving with Sharks - The Diving with Sharks homepage from

Save Our Sharks - Say No to Shark Nets. Campaign by Save Our Sharks Australia.

Shark Zone - White Shark cage diving, conservation and other information.


United For Peace - We support the attitude of solving conflict situations without war (Webmasters, do the same by following this link).

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