Mako Shark

Scientific Name - Isurus oxyrinchus

The mako sharks are an easily recognizable shark exhibiting all the traits of a Lamnid, they are an extremely robust and streamlined pelagic shark with well developed eyes (larger in the Longfin) and an endothermic circulatory system (warm bloodedness) that is known to maintain elevated muscle temperatures of up to 6°C above the ambient water temperature. Makos are heavily built with the trademark strong caudal keels that are a common feature among Lamnids such as Great Whites, Porbeagles and Salmon sharks.

Scientific Classification

  • Order: Lamniformes
  • Family: Lamnidae
  • Genus: Isurus
  • Species: oxyrinchus
  • Scientific Name: Isurus oxyrinchus

Life Expectancy

20 years

Dangerous to Man?


Conservation Status

Near Threatened


Up to 3.8m


8-10 pups


swordfish, tunas, other sharks and squid

Other Names

atlantic mako, blue pointer, blue shark, dog shark, mackerel shark, snapper shark


20 mph


Up to 570kg



Mako Shark Photos

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Mako Shark Videos

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