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Sharks are a fascinating and amazing animal. Find all the information you need to know, view shark species, shark pictures, facts, shark videos and visit the shark shop here at Shark Information. Use the menu above to navigate and if you have any questions or feedback, simply contact us.

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"More people are killed each year by pigs than by Sharks."

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Massively misunderstood and a source of fascination for many, the Shark is globally recognised and, quite often, feared. Many species of Shark are hunted for sport or for delicacies and medicine, meaning a worrying trend in worsening conservations statuses for many Shark species.

There are about 368 species of Shark ranging from the tiny Spined Pygmy Shark to the massive Whale Shark.

The truth of the Shark is different - while many perceive a Shark to be a ruthless killing machine, only about 25 species are reported to have attacked people. While hard to quantify, you are supposedly more likely to be killed by a pig or a donkey than a Shark. The idea is that Shark attacks and fatalities are so ridiculously low that you are more likely to be kicked to death by your mule.

Sharks are often fished for sport and this causes more damage than is realised. Sharks are part of the natural ecosystem and upsetting the balance can have knock on effects to other marine species, and consequently this can affect human life in the way of fishing catches and tourism.

The ancestory of the modern Shark can be traced back to over 450 million years ago. So well evolved is the shark that the species has survived successive max extinctions, including the disaster at the end of the Permian period (245 million years ago) when 96% of other marine life was made extinct.

The Shark is a creature to be admired and respected, not vilified and exterminated. We at Shark Information hope that you enjoy this website and also that we can help you understand the Shark.